Francois Peccatte

Francois Peccatte 1845 – 58g

Description – probably the only Francois Peccatte for sale in the UK

A superb bow made from the finest pernambuco this is one of the best bows currently for sale in the British Isles. The general playing credentials of this bow do not come much better than this, in that at this time Francois was working along side and for his elder brother Dominique.  His brother’s influence is written all over this bow in the form of a healthy rivalry, the sad thing is that Francois died when he was thirty-four thus denying us of many fine bows. Easily one of the best bows I have come across it comes with a glowing certificate from Jean-Francois Raffin and I feel any violinist would feel proud to own such a fabulous bow. The stamp on the bow is Stentor, this was a brand used by J B Vuillaume for less expensive bows!  The interesting thing here is that makers were given more freedom when working on these bows and consequently some of the best bows ever made have this branding.

Playing Characteristics

Wonderful, in the heat of battle this is one of those bows that helps you no matter what the circumstance. Recently used in recital it saved me when things got tough in the middle of a tricky Sarasate piece. It has a lovely sweet sound and you can mould your phrases at will and effortlessly.


The general condition of this bow is wonderful, with many small details to admire. The stick and the button are by Francois, the heel however is later (about 1880). There is a small crack near the head along the grain, repaired and secure. This is a rare and beautiful example of one of the best bow makers and is a joy to behold.


Issued by Jean-Francois Raffin in 2004

£POA  – a Francois in auction has just sold in 2010 autumn for $47,000!